Thursday, 11 August 2011

Police run from Looters

POLICE let the UK down. They were unable to stop the riots from spreading. Law and order is not about political correctness, it is about stamping out crime.
WHAT we're seeing in London, as looters and rioters run amok and impotent police stand around watching, is the problem of politically correct policing writ large.
It is the triumph of a managerial, bureaucratic process-driven style of policing hatched in the rarefied confines of academia rather than on the harsh reality of the streets.
Every now and then the two meet and you get bloody anarchy. No prizes for guessing who comes off second best.
"It's absolute bedlam on the street," one resident of Clapham, interviewed on the BBC, said of Tuesday, the fourth night of rioting.
"People have been openly looting for an hour, two hours, and the police have been ineffectual. They've done nothing."

How is Multiculturism working out for ya Britain?


  1. Strange no one commented on the riots. Kids tired of how fucked up society is, and - of course, it's ignored.
    But I have a problem, and I'd appreciate your help.
    My best friend said my blog is so sexist/anti-feminist he doesn't want to associate w/me any more !!!
    I'm trippin/' out ! I LOVE women.
    Do YOU think my blog is sexist ? Please tell me...

  2. great post and great blog + following

  3. Er, what has multi culturalism got to do with this riots?.
    The riots were multi ethnic.